Suzanne started her carrier in the show business (costumes for Joseph Nadj and theater plays, stage design, textile art, merchandising for the rock band Burning Heads) but decided in 2001 to create for herself, and choose to have a mosaic apprenticeship.
This did not retrain her. On the contrary, she learned the basis and opened herself to new artistic possibilities.
"I learned from two mosaic masters, Antoine De Crozé and Verdiano Marzi, in order to acquire as much knowledge as possible within two years and to be guided by two different perspectives on the same expression."
So she started her apprenticeship by producing copies of Roman mosaics and cutting marble tiles. So she learned how to build the "Mosaic Picture" and to create the motions and the rythms named  andamento  in Italian,  the tessera walk, which would slowly become her own way.  The mosaic allows mixing materials (stones, tiles) and aspects (smooth, coarse, shiny, matt, transparency, opacity). Cutting materials is a first transformation and leads to Make the stone fluid and draw with it.
Suzanne wanted to push the limits of the blend and decided to add the wood to her work. The transformation of materials appears to be the starting point of her inspiration, making her current work an original mix of  Vegetable and Mineral
"That wood turned into stone, petrified wood, it's fabulous! It is the circle of life going on!"
Each creation begins with a piece of wood. The artist models it, let herself be guided by its shape and implements a new story in it, a mineral one.
"I bring old beams to live. Wood keeps the power and the symbol of the tree, even when it is cut. And no one is indifferent to it."
That is the way sculptures, totems and pictures take shape, always covered by lines, like life lines, and with the emotional power of colors.
"Suzanne RIPPE combines the poetry of lines with her skills, which allows her to tackle the hazards of wood and stone with lightness." (Denis Pugnère, sculptor)
Portrait of Suzanne Rippe next to a Totem
In January 2010, Suzanne was rewarded with the Prix Découvertes at the international exhibition MAISON & OBJET.
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